Perfect time for preparation of higher study

There was a time when after completing Honors Masters in Bangladesh then it would have been considered to go to America. Now time has changed a lot. By making all the information that is already useful, keeping the plan in mind. Many enthusiasts have started reading GRE’s books from the first year honors again. This article was written keeping in mind the different levels of students

Those who are studying in Intermediate

If you fall into the Eleventh Twelfth or equivalent level, then you may be admitted to the undergraduate in America by the SAT after testing. In this case Language Requirements or tofel will be required. However, remember that undergraduate scholarship is not available in America. You can apply in the United States with a score of SAT for a fairly four-month preparation.

Those who are reading the honors first year

During the first year of honors, many people tried to undergraduate in the USA for a year after getting SAT better with Los Angeles. In the meantime, it has been said that tofel / ielants can read them and very well you have to find some suitable universities for America undergraduate. If you think the honors will be completed at the graduate level in America, then there is no need to read anything other than vocabulary from this level. Rather, you can try as much as possible the honors GPA. This is the same advice for the fourth year. Remember, GRE can be given multiple times; Keeping the bad scores secret, the best is to be sent to the university. But once the GPA of Honors gets worse, it is very difficult to pull it out.

Those who are studying in the second year of honors

The same parishes are applicable for the second year. Read the main reading of the course, try to keep the GPA high with better examination. What can be done as a part of the Hyper Study is that you can start buying and practicing buying two books of Vokabulari. Build good English writing practices from now on

Those who are studying in the third year of honors

Start with the idea of ​​GRI in a little bit. A little bit of English articles, novels increase the habit of reading them. Collect GRE’s official guide, as it is the preparation guide published from ETS. Increase the network of people in the circle as well, keep in touch with who is in your area in America. Stay in touch with your subject’s big brother, who is trying to come to America. Indirectly start building the mindset for the GIRI in mind.

Those who are studying Honors Fourth Year

Class-Test Assignment Start reading GRE just a little lower than these. Buy some good books from the market, check out Gray’s group posts, practice them by asking questions. Vocabulary can be exported as much as you can. Do not read alone at home, they can take help of the Gray, this is their personal free will. Keep a GRE account in my GRE account, even make a tofel account (if you want to give a tofel). Stay connected to any research project. In such a way, proceed with the plan so that the GRE test is done immediately after the end of the honors or the previous break.

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