Total cost of going to study in USA by GRE

For the sake of calculation, let’s say that you are going to apply to the 6 US Universities in the 2019 future semester. So let’s see how much you can spend on going to America.

Advance costs

GRE registration fee + sending scores to four universities – 16,400 taka

Sending scores to two universities ($ 27x2x80) 4,320 taka

Tofel registration fee + sending score to four universities ($ 170) 13,600 taka

Sending scores to two universities ($ 19x2x80) to 3,040 taka

Total advance cost is 37,360 taka

Application cost

University fee ($50x80x6)

Transcript issued (500×6) Taka 3,000

Transcript or cost of sending documents (2,000×6) 12,000 taka application cost is taka 39,000.

Total advance cost + total application costs

(37,360 + 39,000) 76,360 taka

Note: The dollar value here is shown as 80 taka. University fees for an application fee of $ 50 are shown. Depending on the dollar rate and application number, the cost may decrease or increase.

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